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Sr Staff
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Areas of Expertise


·   Energy Infrastructure Analysis & Development

·   Project Development Oversight

·   Commercial Negotiations

·   Mergers and Acquisitions       

·   Project Feasibility Analysis

·   Conceptual Pipeline Design

·   Conceptual Storage Design

·   Conceptual Power Generation Design

·   Conceptual Power Transmission Design

·   Energy Market Demand Analysis

·   Energy Supply Analysis & Development

·   Service Agreements & Tariffs

·   Project Permitting & Certification

·   Regulatory Relations / Oversight

·   FERC, State PSC, Local

·   Legislative / Lobby

·   Canadian Agencies / NEB, Provincial




Years of Experience

Over 30 years with Major US Energy Companies:

·   The Babiuk Group, Inc.        2005-Present

·   El Paso Corporation (VP)         2001-2004

         Pipeline & Other Subs

·   Coastal Corporation (SVP)  1985-2001

         Pipeline & Other Subs

·   American Nat Resources     1974-1985

         ANR Pipeline

         Michigan Consolidated



·   BSE / 1973 / Oakland University

·   Post Graduate Systems Engineering

    1973-74 / Oakland University

·   MBA / 1980 / Wayne State University



Stanley A. Babiuk

President and CEO



Mr. Babiuk, a former Senior Executive in the Energy Industry, has over 30 years of experience participating in the development of the natural gas and electric infrastructures in the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.  During the early years of his career, Mr. Babiuk had the opportunity to develop both his technical and commercial skills in the Pipeline and Storage Industry, and subsequently, broadening those skills to include the Electric Industry.  Upon becoming an Officer in the mid-1980’s, Mr. Babiuk added the direct responsibilities for the development and oversight of Energy Projects.  These responsibilities were further enhanced in the late 1980’s when he became a Senior Officer.  In 2005, he formed his own energy consulting business and has multiple clients.  His experience in the Energy Industry includes both the technical and commercial skills required for the creation, analysis, development and operation of Energy Infrastructures.  Mr. Babiuk is active in the community he resides and sits on the Foundation Board of the State University of New York at Oswego and the Alumni Board of Oakland University.


Specific Experience & Representative


q       Connected over 6 Tcf of new natural gas supplies to the ANR Pipeline System during tenure as a Senior Officer.

q       Connected over 2 Bcfd of incremental natural gas LDC, Industrial and Power Generation markets to the Coastal Gas Group Assets during tenure as a Senior Officer.

q       Managed the Commercial Development of two proposed World Class High Pressure natural gas pipeline projects during tenure with El Paso Corporation.  The proposed $3.0 Billion ‘Blue Atlantic Pipeline’ and the proposed $ 1.0 Billion ‘Seafarer Pipeline and High Rock Bahamas LNG Terminal’

q       Created and managed the development of the $1.6 Billion ‘Gulfstream Natural Gas System.’  The Gulfstream project is a 1100 MMcfd capacity state-of-the-art high pressure (2180 psig) Greenfield pipeline system originating near Mobile / Pascagoula and traversing the eastern offshore Gulf of Mexico into peninsular Florida.  The Gulfstream project serves approximately 5000 MW of Power Generation in which development Mr. Babiuk was also intimately involved in.  Commercial service began June, 2002.

q       Managed the development of the ‘Empire State Pipeline System’ located from Niagara Falls to Syracuse in upstate New York.  The 500 MMcfd / $225 Million project went into commercial service the fall of 1994.  Coincident with the development of the Empire Pipeline, Mr. Babiuk was also directly involved in the development of the ‘1000 MW World Class Independence Power Plant, as well as, the necessary ‘LDC Infrastructure’ between the Empire Pipeline and the Independence Plant.  These were commercial by January 1995.



q       Lead the commercial development efforts on 3 major supply projects connected to Coastal / El Paso Assets in the Gulf of Mexico.  ‘Shell Auger’ / ‘Chevron Typhoon’ / ‘Exxon Diana-Hoover’  All 3 are deepwater reserve developments requiring state-of-the-art production and pipeline connection facilities to Coastal / El Paso Assets.

q       Lead the preliminary siting and permitting activities for over 4000 MW of Power Generation facilities ultimately constructed, connected and served via Coastal / El Paso wholly or jointly-owned Pipeline Assets.

q       Lead the development efforts on numerous underground natural gas storage projects located in the states of Michigan, New York, Louisiana, Kentucky and Florida.

q       Lead the commercial development efforts on the 400 Mi.-36” / 1.0 Bcf/d capacity ($670 MM) ‘Erie Pipeline Project’ and its successor project, ‘Independence Pipeline’.  The project received FERC approval, but the sponsors did not go forward with the project.

q       Lead the development efforts on the Coastal Pipeline Group’s ‘Maumee Hub’ market delivery infrastructure, a multiple pipeline and market delivery system with a capacity of 250 MMcfd and serving the greater Toledo and Cleveland Area natural gas markets.

q       Participated in the development of the ‘Iroquois Pipeline System,’ a major pipeline connecting the TransCanada Pipeline System with the greater New York City Area Markets.

q       Participated in the development of the ‘Alliance Pipeline System,’ a major pipeline connecting Western Canadian Supplies with the greater Chicago Area Markets.

q       Participated in the development of the ‘HIOS Offshore Pipeline System,’ a major offshore gathering and transmission pipeline infrastructure that delivers natural gas to multiple onshore Interstate Pipelines.

q       Provided Executive Oversight to Infrastructure Analysis and Development for a major pipeline traversing the Caribbean Islands from Trinidad to South Florida.  Primary fuel used across the Caribbean Islands is either Residual or Distillate Oil and this analysis evaluated the potential for local and regional infrastructures for delivery and use of natural gas.

q       Provided Executive Oversight to Infrastructure Analysis and Development for a major Market Area Storage Project and LDC Expansion in Southwest Florida. 

q       Participated in Merger and Acquisition Analysis for several large Interstate Pipeline Systems during tenure as a Senior Officer with Coastal Corporation.

q       During tenure as Senior Officer with Coastal Corporation and El Paso, provided commercial, technical and regulatory oversight for numerous FERC Section 7 Applications for Major Projects, as well as, existing Pipeline Asset Expansions.

q       During tenure at Coastal Corporation / El Paso, provided oversight to system modeling and financial evaluations concerning all new organic growth opportunities from wellhead to burner-tip.